Traditional Thai Massage

Traditional Thai massage is a therapy that promotes the flow of energy throghout your body.

120 zł / 60 min

200 zł / 120 min

Thai oil massage

Thai oil massage - combination of traditional Thai massage and special Thai and essential massage oils.

130 zł / 60 min

220 zł / 120 min

Thai herbal compress massage

Thai herbal compress massage can also be used in a combination with traditional Thai massage.Instead of regular massage improve to your body more healthy energy.

170 zł / 60 min

220 zł / 90 min

Thai foot massage (Reflexology)

The real Thai massage is always start with foot massage.For well sleeping - it is the best option.

80 zł / 30 min

99 zł / 60 min

Head Back Shoulders massage

In this type of massage Thai therapist use special thai herbs balm - which helps you to feel much better and healthy.

80 zł / 30 min

130 zł / 60 min

Hot stone massage

Hot stone massage - is one of the best ways to take a brake and stop to destroy your body by stress!

160 zł / 60 min

220 zł / 90 min

Argan Oil Thai Massage

Multiple compounds in Argan Oil may help reduce inflammation and oxidative stress, though more research is needed.Argan Oil is popularly used to moisturize skin and hair. Some research indicates the fatty acids in argan oil may support healthy, hydrated skin and reduce hair damage.

230 zł / 60 min

Anti Cellulite Massage

The best way to reduce cellulite without any medical treatment is to take professional Thai Massage.If you don't want the expense, invasiveness, or inconvenience of Cellulase, there is a thing you can do to get rid of cellulite yourself using Thai Massage therapy.

250 zł / 60 min

Thai hot coconut oil massage

Feel stressed and tired? Let help to your body to take a lot of warm energy,especially when it's a rather cold outside...

150 zł / 60 min

250 zł / 120 min